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The person reasonable tend to look to the future. And if today your bedside nightstand lies with Levitra generic one, that there will be held tomorrow, and whether it is a question with many unknowns. Let us take the assistance of a number of publications in reputable sources and try to predict what awaits us in the new world of sexual medicine in the near future.

Earlier this year many consumers of viagra, including its generics, joyfully anticipate price reductions on „blue pills“. Around this time, was to have been held „deal of the century“: the takeover Consortium Pfizer (Viagra producer) Irish company Allergan (Botox) with simultaneous movement of pharmaceutical giant’s headquarters in Dublin. The purpose of the Pfizer’a-care United States from corporate income tax, which is encouraging high 35%. You ask, what price reductions? It was expected that Pfizer’om received tax benefits in conjunction with extra profit from sales of BOTOX concern leaders moved to accommodate consumers of its products. But no such luck: in the month of April the Ministry of Finance of the United States unveiled new rules for concluding such deals that have made it unprofitable to manoeuvre Pfizer’a and Allergan’a. Thus, the estimated reduction of prices on sildenafil have to forget. Anyway, so far.

Botox is artificially synthesized equivalent product of vital activity of Clostridium botulinum. These bacteria cause severe food poisoning with the defeat of the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM and the transfer embargo neuromuscular impulses. Certain muscle fibers can relax while others drape. When choosing the right points of introduction, you can get rid of wrinkles and skin folds. Botox injection is much more advantageous from a financial standpoint than a full facial.

Coming Sialisu substitution with levitra?

Soon, apparently, cheap vagra, have to squeeze together: it is expected that as recently as this year already appears on the market several new drugs for use in Andrology and Sexology. One of those is expected to be the agonist dofamine receptors Uprima. This medication increases the sublingual preformed sexual desire, already appeared on drugstore shelves in several European countries, but unlike sildenafil has not yet conquered the world in the fullest sense of the word. Many believe that it is only a matter of time because Uprima: according to clinical research is effective in 90% of cases of male impotence.
Another new drug, which, unlike Uprimy, has not yet passed all the stages of clinical trials, and for this reason is available only on the black market-peptide melanotan-2. In animal studies it showed that erection, stimulate property is supposed to be used for the treatment of idiopathic sexual impotence.

And for an appetizer-gene therapy. Scientists are about to learn how to allocate from the tissues of the penis genes responsible for the development of erectile dysfunction, and replace them with the „correct“ sections of DNA.

Medicines not uniform: Andrology in recent years increasingly recommend their patients a variety of similar gadgets. As you know, one of the key factors in the development of erectile dysfunction is overweight. Wrist fitness trackers like FitBit help patients monitor their lifestyles in a way that does not cause damage to your sexual health. Of course, counting calories and a day spent monitoring their physical activity may not be sufficient to maintain sexual function at altitude, but the fact that such a gadget in combination with drugs like Levitra and Awaneh is able to bring very much, not even discussed.

Global scientific and technological progress in the field of health largely affected and andrologiû. Another 10-15 years ago today, the quality and efficiency of health services seemed something unattainable. However, among the Russian consumers traditionally reigns scepticism regarding the availability of innovative technologies. What we think after hearing about another achievement in the field of medicine? That all this is happening somewhere far away and becomes available to the general public, at best, only a few years later. However, in the current realities of such pessimism is unfounded: we have entered the era of telemedicine.

Telemedicine-a new form of health services, providing remote communication of the doctor with the patient through the use of modern information technologies. In fact, it brings the latest developments in healthcare to the level. «Tools» telemedicine are various applications and services based on two-way video and other types of telecommunications technologies. Yes, via the monitor cannot be surgery or any other medical manipulations. But such contact is enough to consult, assess the results of laboratory and instrumental studies and to make competent medical opinion. Already appeared in our country services, organizing medical consultations with physicians in leading medical centers in Israel, the United States and Western Europe.